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reliable roofing company Largo FL

reliable roofing company Largo FL

Are you looking for a reliable roofing company in Largo, FL? Excel Exteriors, Inc. has professional roofers and excellent customer service. Contact us today and schedule a free roof inspection.

How Do I Know It Is Time To Replace My Roof?

If you think you might need to invest in a new roof, you should check out your attic. Take a flashlight and climb up and check for water damage and look under the eaves. If you notice water stains and or mold growth, you probably have a leaky roof. When was your roof installed, and how long was it supposed to last?

Always keep an eye on the shingles of your roof and make sure they are in good shape. You will want to inspect them after severe storms and weather. Hail, high winds, heavy rain, and freezing and thawing, can all impact your roof and cause damage. If you find shingles that are not lying flat, are cracked and buckling, you need to have them repaired. Check your gutters and downspouts for granules. If you find a lot of them, your roof may need to be replaced.

Always check the flashing around vents, skylights, and chimneys. You do not want moisture and water seeping through your roof. If you find cracks or leaks, seal them or call a reliable roofing company in Largo FL and let them access the issues.

If your roof looks old, stained, and makes your home look shabby, a new roof will give your home a facelift and help protect it from the elements.

How Do I Choose A Reliable Roofing Company In Largo, FL?

A legitimate roofing company will have the following:

  • business license
  • general liability insurance
  • local references
  • roofing credentials
  • testimonials
  • worker compensation insurance
  • written manufacturers warranties

You should ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers if they can recommend a roofing contractor. Asking around and doing some research will pay off. You want to hire a company with an excellent reputation. You must trust your roofing company. Check with the Better Business Bureau and Home Builders Association. Does the company of your choice have complaints? Get several estimates. The least expensive estimate may not be your best choice. You need to take into consideration what are the quality of materials being used and the warranty information.

Get it in writing. Make sure your roofing contract specifies precisely what the type of materials are, warranty information, and how long the roofers will take to finish your roof. You want to make sure you understand all of the wording, and that everything written is straight forward. Always ask for clarification if there is something you do not understand.

Do not pay upfront for your roof. A standard deposit amount is required, typically one-third of the total price. If you pay for your roof up-front, you lose your power. Do not pay for the remainder of the roof until you are satisfied with the quality and workmanship. Roofs are an expensive investment, make sure you are getting what you want and paid for.

Excel Exteriors, Inc. is a reliable roofing company in Largo, FL. Contact us today.

reliable roofing company Largo FL
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reliable roofing company Largo FL
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