Roof And Gutter Repair Near Arlington Heights Il

Roof And Gutter Repair Near Arlington Heights Il

AWM Roofing is an experienced and top-rated business for roof and gutter repair near Arlington Heights, Il, with a friendly team of technicians. Our two decades of experience have made us expert roofers, and there is a roofing problem we have not encountered over the years.

Common Roof Repairs

The roof is one of the most valuable assets of your home. Even with proper maintenance and upkeep, some roofing repairs are unavoidable due to weather conditions, wear and tear, aging, etc. Here are the most common roof repair projects we see in Arlington Heights, IL:

  • Hail Damage

It is the most common and obvious roof repair. Hail storms impact the roof at a high velocity, causing damage to the shingles. Hail storms can cause the protective layer of granules on asphalt shingles to fall off, leading to a leak in the roof.

  • Water Spot On Ceiling

Some leaks take time to soak into your roofing structure and insulation, causing homeowners to notice the sign of a leak only when a dark spot appears on their ceiling. A water spot indicates a leak that has been around for some time. If you spot a water spot on your ceiling, call a professional to inspect your roof at the earliest.

  • Damaged Roof Vents Or Vent Flashing Failure

While most roof vents hold up fine in different climates, Arlington Heights presents harsher environments. Roof vents can crack from frequent temperature swings. If you have a failing vent, you should have it replaced as soon as possible.

Besides, missing, failing, or improper flashing and improperly installed chimney cricket are some of the other common roof repairs. Having an expert roofer inspect your roof annually can help you spot the issues and fix them before they lead to widespread damage.

What To Watch Out For In A Roofing Contract?

Working with a roofer who provides you with a formal written contract indicates that they are legit and take their job seriously. Here are some of the details that a roofing contractor should include:

  1. Make sure the contract outlines your roofer's business details, such as the name and physical address, proof of insurance, licenses, permits, and zoning notices. This information is crucial to get hold of your roofer in the future in case of any issues.
  2. Check if the contract explains what the roofer is doing, the number of technicians assigned for the project, the materials necessary to complete the job, the duration of the project, and information on warranties.
  3. Make sure the contract does not demand you to pay the total amount upfront. Check the project milestones and the payment schedule and see if you find it acceptable and agreeable.

Signs You Have Roof Damage

Signs like a collection of granules around the gutter or the ground around your downspouts, leaking or clogged gutters, missing, broken, cracked, or curling shingles, and hail or water damage on walls or ceilings warn of the presence of roof damage.

If you think there may be hidden repairs or find it hard to determine the extent of shingle damage, schedule a roof inspection with a leading roofer at the earliest.

Call 847-235-6635 to hire us for roof and gutter repair near Arlington Heights, Il. We at AWM Roofing specialize in roofing, gutter, and siding repairs and help homeowners maintain the structural integrity of their homes without shelling out a ton of cash on home repairs. Get in touch with us today to request a free quote.

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Roof And Gutter Repair Near Arlington Heights Il
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